Dulaney Exterior Solutions LTD

Dulaney Exterior Solutions LTD

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Leak Repair Service

Hourly rates for spot leak repairs

Chemical Grout Injection

Repairs leaks in basement floors and walls, roof drains, balconies, balcony drains, elevator pits, water fountains


Offering manufacturers' extended warranties for window system restoration and building joint sealant replacement


Remedial waterproofing with extended manufacturer's warranties

Epoxy Injection

Structural welding of concrete cracks

Concrete Restoration & Repair

Spall repairs and post reinforcement systems using carbon and fiberglass

Traffic-Grade Deck Coatings

Surface applied waterproofing for garages, mechanical rooms and balconies

Concrete Cistern Leak Repair

Stop leaks from either side - without draining!

Basement Waterproofing By injection

Seal high-volume leaks from the interior, saving costly excavation

Water Repellent Building Coatings

Reduce moisture penetration & mold growth and facilitate graffiti removal

Products We Use

We install a variety of Caulking / Sealant materials: Silicone, Urethane, Acrylic Latex, Epoxy Sealant, Other Specialty Joint Fillers

We install many types of waterproofing materials: Liquid, Membrane, Cementitious, Bentonite and hot-applied rubber

Our epoxy injection concrete repair materials include a wide range of epoxy resins and gels from a variety of product manufacturers.

Other waterproofing / dampproofing materials which we install are: Insulation, Copper Flashing, Membrane Flashing, Waterrepellent materials, Elastomeric Wall Coatings, Liquid Air Barriers   


Dulaney Exterior Solutions LTD

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