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About Dulaney Exterior Solutions, LTD: A Legacy of Excellence

Dulaney Exterior Solutions, LTD, founded on November 10, 1993, has established itself as a pioneering sealant and waterproofing contracting company. Initially organized as a Chapter sub-S corporation, it transitioned to a limited partnership on December 31, 2003. With Dulaney Management, LLC as the general partner, the leadership is spearheaded by Sharon Dulaney, a seasoned CPA, as president, and Carl Dulaney, a veteran in sealant and waterproofing subcontracting, as vice-president. Together, they bring over 60 years of combined experience to the forefront of the industry.


A sealant and waterproofing contracting company

Dulaney Exterior Solutions, Ltd. was formed November 10, 1993. It was originally organized as a Chapter sub-S corporation but converted to a limited partnership effective December 31, 2003. The general partner of Dulaney Exterior Solutions, Ltd. is Dulaney Management, LLC. Officers of the general partner are Sharon Dulaney, president, a CPA with over 30 years of accounting experience, and Carl Dulaney, vice-president, with over 30 years experience in sealant and waterproofing subcontracting. Dulaney Exterior Solutions, Ltd. currently has two employees who have worked for Carl Dulaney since 1985 in sealant and waterproofing applications.
DULANEY EXTERIOR SOLUTIONS, LTD. is certified as a WOMAN-OWNED BUSINESS and a SMALL BUSINESS ENTERPRISE issued by the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency.
DULANEY EXTERIOR SOLUTIONS, LTD. is a SIKA approved contractor, a Rubber Polymer Corp. approved applicator and a member of the American Subcontractor’s Association.
DULANEY EXTERIOR SOLUTIONS, LTD. carries commercial general liability insurance, commercial automobile liability, excess liability, and workers compensation.
Dulaney Exterior Solutions, Ltd. is bondable and can purchase payment and performance bonds when required for the job.


Vice-President of Dulaney Management, LLC, the General Partner of Dulaney Exterior Solutions, Ltd.

Carl Dulaney graduated from the University of Houston in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science in Technology. Before graduation, he was hired as an estimator by Gorman Moisture Protection (at the time known as E-Z Tight). This subcontracting company specializes in waterproofing, insulation, caulking and related material applications on commercial and residential buildings. In 1982, Gorman Moisture Protection transferred Carl to San Antonio to open a new branch for the company. Carl, as branch manager, sold and managed work volumes between $440,000 and $1,200,000 per year from 1982 through October 1993. In November, 1993 Carl and his wife, Sharon, started their own company, Dulaney Exterior Solutions, Inc. Carl’s commitment to customer service and quality workmanship have allowed the company to grow at a consistent, manageable pace.
Carl pursues continuing education in order to stay current with new technologies and solutions in the ever-changing construction methods; he attends seminars offered at the University of Wisconsin’s College of Engineering Professional Development Program and takes courses held by the Building Science Corporation. Carl’s leadership techniques enabled him to develop skilled, knowledgeable crews. Effective 2004, Carl Dulaney serves as the vice-president of Dulaney Management, LLC, the General Partner of Dulaney Exterior Solutions, Ltd.


President of Dulaney Management, LLC, the General Partner of Dulaney Exterior Solutions, Ltd.

Sharon Dulaney is a Certified Public Accountant who has held accounting positions since 1980. She began her career in Houston working first for Skytop Brewster, Inc. and then for Dreco, Inc., both companies being manufacturers of oil rigs. In San Antonio, after completing necessary educational requirements to obtain her license as a CPA, Sharon worked six years for Mr. Charles Schreiner Nelson. Mr. Nelson had extensive investments including ranches, raw land, oil and gas wells, a moving and storage company, and a computer company. From 1991 through January 1995, Sharon was controller of Santikos Investments, the company that manages the real estate holdings of Mr. John Santikos; the holdings include retail rental property and raw land. Sharon left Santikos Investments in January 1995 in order to devote full attention to the management of Dulaney Exterior Solutions. On December 31, 2003, Dulaney Exterior Solutions, Inc. was converted to Dulaney Exterior Solutions, Ltd., a Texas Limited Partnership. The General Partner of this partnership is Dulaney Management LLC. Effective 2004, Sharon Dulaney is the sole owner of Dulaney Management LLC and serves as a manager and as the president, secretary and treasurer.

Products We Use

-We install a variety of Caulking / Sealant materials: Silicone, Urethane, Acrylic Latex, Epoxy Sealant, Other Specialty Joint Fillers

-We install many types of waterproofing materials: Liquid, Membrane, Cementitious, Bentonite and hot-applied rubber

-Our epoxy injection concrete repair materials include a wide range of epoxy resins and gels from a variety of product manufacturers.

-Other waterproofing / dampproofing materials which we install are: Insulation, Copper Flashing, Membrane Flashing, Waterrepellent materials, Elastomeric Wall Coatings, Liquid Air Barriers

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