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Masterful Solutions in Action: Explore Dulaney's Diverse Project Portfolio

These projects represent more than just successful repairs; they embody satisfied clients and restored peace of mind. Discover homes and structures brought back to their full potential, free from water damage and leaks. Let these images be a testament to Dulaney's commitment to exceeding expectations and delivering lasting results.

From Leaks to Landmarks: Witness Dulaney's Project Transformations

Brooke Army Medical Center
San Antonio, TX

-perform window remediation at all windows
-install paving joint sealants
-install firestop caulking

American Freightways Terminal
Schertz, TX

-install building sealants & caulking
-install paving joint sealants

Audie Murphy VA Hospital
San Antonio, TX

-clean and repoint masonry
-replace joint sealant
-apply water repellent coating

San Antonio, TX

-inject large expansion joints in water treatment tanks

San Antonio River Tunnel
San Antonio, TX

-install bentonite waterproofing

Federal Reserve Bank
San Antonio, TX

-Chemical grout injection of basement leaks

Christus Santa Rosa Center For Childrens & Famlies
San Antonio, TX

-inject cracks in underground tunnel

University Hospital
San Antonio, TX

-install waterproofing, drainage mat, insulation & precast pavers on roof plaza

Concord Plaza
San Antonio, TX

-re-seal rooftop skylights
-re-seal sloped granite roof joints

River Center Mall Addition
San Antonio, TX

-waterproofing and joint sealants

James Avery
Hondo, TX

-install Tyvec Wrap over gyp sheathing

City Of Laredo Watertank
Laredo, TX

-inject cracks and joints in water storage tanks

Tower Life Building
San Antonio, TX

-reseal window perimeters
-repoint cracked motar joints
-rout and caulk certain mortar joints

Bexar County Detention Center Addition
San Antonio, TX

-below grade waterproofing
-security sealants
-joint sealants
-fire stopping sealants

Crystal City High School Gymnasium
Crystal City, TX

-concrete repair

San Antonio Airport
San Antonio, TX

-inject material around leaking concrete ceiling drains

Trinity University
San Antonio, TX

-remedial sealant work at windows, control joints, etc.
-remedial installation of waterproofing materials

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Products We Use

We install a variety of Caulking / Sealant materials: Silicone, Urethane, Acrylic Latex, Epoxy Sealant, Other Specialty Joint Fillers

We install many types of waterproofing materials: Liquid, Membrane, Cementitious, Bentonite and hot-applied rubber

Our epoxy injection concrete repair materials include a wide range of epoxy resins and gels from a variety of product manufacturers.

Other waterproofing / dampproofing materials which we install are: Insulation, Copper Flashing, Membrane Flashing, Waterrepellent materials, Elastomeric Wall Coatings, Liquid Air Barriers

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