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Dulaney Exterior Solutions, LTD, isn't just a company; it's a legacy built on over 60 years of combined experience. Founded in 1993, we've transformed from a pioneering sealant and waterproofing contractor to a leader in the industry. Led by the dynamic duo of Sharon Dulaney, a seasoned CPA and president, and Carl Dulaney, a veteran in the field and vice-president, we bring unmatched expertise and dedication to every project.

Your Full Range of Sealing and Waterproofing Services

Leak Repair Service

We repel over the side of the building to perform spot leak repairs on window walls, curtain walls, and plaster and masonry. We have equipment for the high rise sky scrapers.

Chemical Grout Injection

We can stop below-grade basement leaks without excavation. We inject waterproofing around roof drains, balcony drains, ice machine drains, restaurant floor drains, cracks in concrete floors and walls, and CMU block.

Sealants and Caulking

We install polyurea, silicone, and urethane sealants and offer manufacturers’ extended warranties on window system restoration and building joint sealant. We wet glaze windows systems with 20-Year sealant. We stop costly air leaks through electrical and water pipe penetrations.


We install hot-applied rubber membrane with a 20-Year manufacturers’ warranty. We can stop some below-grade leaks without costly excavation. For balconies, we provide a multiple layered waterproofing membrane that employs a drainage system to relieve hydrostatic hydrostatic vapor pressure. We also install extruded and powder-coated extruded aluminum drip systems that give the end product that professional finished look.

Epoxy Injection

We employ a Lilly Epoxy Injection Machine that measures, mixes and delivers the mixed resin into cracks down to hair-line size. For foundation crack repairs, bridge crack repairs, structural wood beams, we weld the structural members back together and prevent further deterioration from corrosion of the reinforcement steel and damage from wood chewers.

Concrete Restoration & Repair

We perform concrete spall repairs with epoxy mortars and polymer-modified repair mortars. We install post-reinforcement systems using carbon fiber and fiberglass laminated in epoxies.

Traffic-Grade Deck Coatings

We apply surface-applied decorative waterproofing for garages, mechanical rooms, balconies, and bridges. The surface applied systems are the easiest to maintain.

Concrete Cistern Leak Repair

We stop leaks in potable water containers from the either side---without draining.

Graffiti Repellant and Water Repellent Coatings

We clean and install clear coatings that reduce moisture penetration and mold growth and facilitate graffiti removal.

Window Flashings

When windows are upgraded and removed, a new pan-flashing and window pocket waterproofing should be installed in the window pocket to prevent moist air and water from infiltrating the wall and damaging the building. After the window is set, we install interior air dams before the trim is put back around the window.

Commercial Door Sweeps

With today’s ADA requirements, door thresholds are flatter and leak when there is a blowing rain. We install door sweeps and strategically placed sealant that reduces the leakage down to a minimum.

Informational Descriptions


Stopping leaks without excavation. Seepage or gushing leaks through holes, cracks and joints in walls, floors can be repaired from the interior. Concrete and CMU construction can be coated and injected to stop and prevent active leaks.


Old builder’s caulking and plastic/rubber glazing strips deteriorate and leak, causing the walls and insulation to get wet and deteriorate. We replace the organic caulk with inorganic sealant that will not be affected by the harsh south Texas sun and temperatures.


When windows are upgraded and removed, new pan-flashing should be installed in the window pocket to prevent any future leakage from entering the wall and damaging your building structure. After the window is installed, an air-block is installed between the waterproofing and the window frame to stop air leakage.


Leakage through balcony finishes is a major cause of structure failure. Balconies that are not absolutely watertight leak onto the framing and deteriorate the structural integrality. We provide a multiple layer waterproofing membrane that employs a drainage median to relieve hydrostatic vapor pressure. We also install extruded and powder-coated extruded aluminum drip systems that give the end product that professional finished look..


Many chimneys are built today without though-wall flashing and back-up walls. Roof flashing is saw-cut into mortar joints and caulked. Leakage enters the bug holes and cracks in the chimney above the flashing or enters cracked old caulking and leaks around the roof flashing. We install sealants that are unaffected by heat and Ultra Violet rays and plug bug holes and cracks. Sometimes, due the extremely porous materials used, we will install a penetrating sealer to the entire masonry chimney.

Sidewalk and Pavement Sealants

Expansion joints and cracks in exterior concrete slabs on grade need to be kept sealed to keep water from washing out the supporting stabilized base materials and sand. When the concrete slab support is compromised, the concrete cracks and moves, concrete cracks and moves; this allows water to enter the supporting base and can cause cracks.

Concrete Repair

Our old college professor used to say, “All Concrete Cracks”. This is true but, when the concrete is supporting buildings, garages and bridges, the structural integrity of the concrete is of major concern. Cracks and spalls, besides providing pathways for insects, let water and chlorides contact the steel reinforcement and produces oxidation which expands the steel and knocks off more concrete. Where structural integrity is the concern, we fill the cracks with epoxy resin using low pressure injection techniques. Other cracks may need just sealing the water out, which slows the oxidation to an acceptable rate.

Air Leaks

A considerable amount of moisture is into your home or building by way of humid air leakage around doors, leakage around doors, windows, electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures windows, electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures. Today’s building materials don’t let moisture escape as rapidly as the older buildings and mold problems occur. We can caulk and seal those leaks and not only save the owner on energy bills but reduce the moisture load inside the building.

Products We Use

We install a variety of Caulking / Sealant materials: Silicone, Urethane, Acrylic Latex, Epoxy Sealant, Other Specialty Joint Fillers

We install many types of waterproofing materials: Liquid, Membrane, Cementitious, Bentonite and hot-applied rubber

Our epoxy injection concrete repair materials include a wide range of epoxy resins and gels from a variety of product manufacturers.

Other waterproofing / dampproofing materials which we install are: Insulation, Copper Flashing, Membrane Flashing, Waterrepellent materials, Elastomeric Wall Coatings, Liquid Air Barriers

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